Monday, March 21, 2011

Reina Mia Brill Class

Millie and her pet lizard, Green Purpley Blue

I was privlidged to spend two fun days in the company of Reina Brill and 11 other artistic souls.

Reina demonstrated painting our sculptures.

Our classroom was Barbi Kantor Goldenberg's studio.

We started with a ceramic figure, apoxey sculpt and sculpting tools.

Reina demonstrated some techniques to begin our creations.

Reina's sample shares self space with some of Reina's "Devious Little Children".

Reina worked along with us and effortlessly produced
a one of a kind creation that she is known for.
Starting with the same raw materials, we each set about
bringing our ideas to life.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doll Made From A Sara Austin Pattern

This doll was made using a Sara Austin pattern.
It was made for a doll challenge that required using the fabric that her costume is made of.

Alice Box

This is a box that I made to carry my supplies to "Art Is You 2010".
The theme of that year's East Coast Art Retreat was Alice in Wonderland.

The 2011 theme is "Art is ...Who?" This year marks the 5th annual "Art Is You" retreat, and it has expanded to the west coast as well as the east and will soon be coming to Australia.

Making The Box
The box now holds my button collection.
I started with one of my husband's rather large shoe boxes that was bound for the recycle bin.
I laid it flat and covered it with handmade purple paper.

For the inside of the cover, I did a watercolor painting of teacups,
which I then added to with image transfers, stamps, ephemera, and lettering.

For the top of the box I did one image using three different techniques.

For the front of the box, I stamped teacups on watercolor paper and
inserted cut out of the characters from Alice into the teacups.

For the final touch I added a bit of lace and gold trim to the top of the box.

Original Dolls

Fish and Chicks
The doll was made for a WOW challenge several years ago.

Visual Caffeine
This doll was made for a "visual caffeine" challenge for our doll group
The Fabric Manglers. She is painted with acrylics on a muslin base
and sits in a mug of coffee beans.

I'm A Fan
I scanned one of the blades of my paper I'm A Fan collage.
Each blade of the fan has a collage of something that I am a fan of.
I scanned my chocolate blade into the computer and printed it on
fabric. I then stuffed and embellished it to make this doll.