Thursday, April 14, 2011

8th MS Walk

Team Chase For The Cure
This is the eighth year that we have participated in annual MS Walk.

Early into the walk Chase says, "Come on Princess, you can do it!",
as the actress pretends to be tired.

The Princess gets to ride on her Daddy's back.
The rest of the team still had to walk.

I think I see the finish line.

We were greeted at the finish line with bagpipe music.

Friday, April 8, 2011

PHS Student Art Show

Student Art Show
Portland Library

I took my granddaughter to the student art show at the
Portland Library. There was an activity scheduled for
the room so we only a few minutes to view the artwork.
Upon entering the room my granddaughter exclaimed,
"Grammy look at the octopus!!". After walking around the
room, she asked, "Grammy when is the show going to start?"

Sand Garden Museum

The Sand Garden Museum
It was a beautiful Spring afternoon and The Princess
wanted to open her sandbox. And open it we did!
It was in pristine condition after a very long winter.
First she wanted to make a garden in the sandbox using
dried leaves and sticks. Then she wanted to plant daffodils.
As the play progressed, she began creating museum pieces for the
Sand Garden Museum.
There were nine exhibits created for the museum.
I sat by and threw a ball for Bailey, as I wasn't permitted
to look until the exhibit was complete. Photography was
allowed, so I grabbed my camera before entering the museum.
Admission was a twig, and the curator, creator took down
each exhibit and placed it on a stand as she told the name
and described the piece.

The Museum

The Princess as creates the museum exhibits.

Exhibit 1 - Sand Pile Rock

Exhibit 2 - Rock Sand

Exhibit 3 - Bird Flier

Exhibit 4 - Sand Rock

Exhibit 5 - Pot For Delicious

Exhibit 6 - Beadie Rock

Exhibit 7 - Elmo Pot

Exhibit 8 - Flower Delicious

Exhibit 9 - Sand Experiment

I hope your enjoyed your virtual tour of the museum.
The pieces have been carefully preserved under the cover of the sandbox
for future exhibits of Sand Garden Art.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Early Mother's Day Weekend

A Mother/Daughter Week End Trip to Ogunquit
My daughters and I have spent the last several years doing a weekend retreat for Mother's Day.
We started with the Woman's Wellness Weekend at Camp Hazen in Chester, CT. Last year we spent the weekend in Providence, RI, and this year found us celebrating Mother's Day a bit early in Ogunquit, Me. We chose Ogunquit because we were familiar with Gorges Grant Hotel and the area, and we wanted to be close enough to Portland, ME to visit the exhibit of the Sketchbook Project at the Space Gallery.

We arrived at Gorges Grant on Friday afternoon to newly fallen snow.
And we thought winter was over!
Before venturing out for dinner, we exchanged our Mother's Day gift bags.
They were filled with both edible and non edible luscious treats.
That evening we had dinner at the Maine Diner.

As we headed off to Portland on Saturday morning,
we found a perfect place to spend eternity, if one is a fan of the ocean.

Walking to the gallery, we came across this example of sidewalk art.
I'll leave the completion of the sentence above the drawing to your imagination.

We were very excited to be able to view ours and other sketchbooks
that were part of the 2011 Sketchbook Project Tour.

The founders of the project were at the desk to sign out the sketchbooks.

There were 10,000 books on exhibit and available to view.

We each requested one of our sketchbooks and a random book of
the same theme to view and read.

Christy is looking at the sketchbook that her dad and daughter
collaborated on.
Marcy is perusing a sketchbook chosen randomly for her.

We were joined by Christy's friend who is now living in Maine.

Christy with her sketchbook.

The Space Gallery filled with those who wanted to view the sketchbook project.
The four of us had a delightful afternoon enjoying sketchbooks
from Texas, New York, Australia, Oregon and more.

Marcy with her sketchbook.

As we explored Portland, we came across Marcy's Diner.
And it was even spelled correctly!

One of the many interesting buildings in Portland.

An elaborate wall of grafitti.
After strolling through Old Port we made our way to Kennebunk
and Federal Jack's for dinner. My husband declared the day,
"Thank You Mary Day" and treated us to dinner.

After dining on lobster, turkey Ruben, Irish potato soup, salad,
Irish cream cheesecake, and chocolate raspberry cake with chocolate ganache
accompanied with Federal Jack's rum punch and Irish coffee,
we retired to our hotel room to watch the Red Sox and Uconn Huskies.

On Sunday morning we're up and ready for the day.

After a gourmet breakfast in the dining room, we posed for
a mother daughter photo in front of the fireplace in the lobby.

A lobster looks out at Main Street , Ogunquit bidding us farewell until next time.

Thank you Dear Daughters for a wonder weekend together.
I love you more than lobster, chocolate, and woopie pie!