Monday, August 17, 2009

Coming To An End

August 17, the day and summer is coming to an end. We are having our first heat wave since last summer, a little late, but at least we now know that it is summer. I have been very neglectful of my blog, but with good reason. This has been an extremely busy summer, but then our summers usually are. I spent a week at Johnson and Wales University at an educator's forum, then it was off to the White Mountains of NH for a family vacation, and after that we traveled to Indiana, PA to attend our niece's wedding and celebrate my mother's 80th birthday a little early. In between trips we celebrated 5 family birthdays, dealt with a few family crises and spent as much time as we could with our 3 year old grand daughter. And now in a week and a day, I will be starting back to school. This will be my 41st year of teaching (although I will only have 31 years credit toward retirement because of part time), and I am looking forward to a lot of lasts, my last first day of school, my last 1st quarter progress reports, my last parent conference, my last grocery shopping, my last final exam, and the lists goes on. I know I will have very mixed feelings about my last days with students, our last play school graduation, our last group dinner, my last pie demonstration. Unless something drastic happens, I am planning to retire in June. I am much more focused and organized when I am in school, so I will no doubt be back to more regular blogging. For now, I have to make the most the next week.

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