Friday, January 1, 2010

It Wasn't Meant To Be

It Wasn't Meant To Be
We were planning a trip to Indiana, PA. to visit my mother who turned 80 in November, one of my two sisters, four of my six brothers, and several neices and nephews. We decided that we would go from Wednesday to Sunday so we could spend some time at home right after Christmas. My husband got a terrible cold and spent two days in bed, so we postponed leaving until Thursday and planned an early start for our 8 hour 400 mile trip. At 9:00 we were getting gas and a few flakes started to fall. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, ya, I know, but we wanted to get on the road. By the time we got our breakfast sandwiches, and were pulling out onto the road,the snow was blowing and a truck almost slid into the side of us. We continued a few miles but didn't feel safe on the road, so we decided that the best thing to do was turn around, get home safely, and stay there.

Almost back home.

Watching the snow fall as I worked on a scarf I was knitting for
my ex step granddaughter, and watched Julia and Julia.

Feeling sorry for myself I had a coffee flavored beverage and snacked on graham bug bites.

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