Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After teaching Family and Consumer Sciences for 41 years,
40 of them in the same school system, I have retired.
My retirement will reflect only 31 years because 10 of my years
were part time. This gave me the opportunity to spend time with my
two young daughters, taking walks in the afternoon, working on craft
projects, baking, reading, and playing, all irreplaceable.

Plants and flowers were a favorite gift to give and receive.

This is a college given to me by the Middle School FACS teacher where I taught.
She made it to reflect the many areas of FACS.

I was honored at a retirement dinner arranged by students and faculty.
In addition to students, faculty and staff I was joined by my husband, daughters,
son-in-law, and granddaughter to celebrate the occasion.
The dinner was planned and prepared by students with the help of faculty and
was served in the dining room attached to the food service class restaurant kitchen.

I was presented with a silver rolling pin and a gift certificate to a local restaurant.
The food service teacher who I have worked with over the years has always referred to me as "Queen of Pie Crusts".

The best part of the evening was to hear the tributes given by two of my students.
From Juliana
We've come together this evening to celebrate and share our gratitude for Mrs. H's 41 years of excellent service here at PHS. Throughout those years, she's educated generations of students in the areas of cooking, child care, fashion design, sewing, and more.
These are life skills that students will continue to use much after their college years.

Mrs. H has been very understanding of her students. When I'd come into school B period starving because I didn't have time to eat, Mrs. H would let me make breakfast for myself so I'd be prepared for the ogre (the food service teacher who was in the room and smiling) that I face in the afternoon for mini foods. He was yelling at me as I was writing the draft for this speech on a greasy napkin. She is a breath of fresh air compared to him.

She also introduced me to many new foods, including my favorite, monkey bread. Her foods classes helped me discover the passion I have for cooking which has turned into the career I'm working to pursue.

She not only has helped her students, but she has done her fair share for the community. The play school program she's organized brings toddlers together for interaction before kindergarten which is very beneficial for them. My brother participated in this and absolutely loved it.

So Mrs. H, thank you for all your wonderful service, we will miss you here at PHS.

From Patricia
A warm welcome to everyone here tonight who has come to celebrate Mrs. H's retirement. Although this is a special occasion for her, a number of us - including me- are sad to see her go.

This is my second good bye to this wonderful woman. I actually participated in her play school program when I was about four years old. Now, a few other students and I help her run the play school. I am in both her childcare and baker's dozen class this semester, but through my four years at PHS, I have taken about 6 classes with her. She's given me A's and B's, 100's, and zeros when I forgot to hand in my article summaries. But today is going to be a little different.

Today, Mrs. H, I get to grade you.

Ability to multitask, especially in bakers dozen with 18 kids running around like lunatics; A
Ability to make carrying around a sack of flour for one week seem somewhat interesting; A
And of course, the ability to always have her students best interest at heart and lending a helpful hand whenever possible; I give you an A+.

Mrs. H has been one of the best teachers I have had during my time here. I know I will miss her when I am off at college next year, and I also know that the Portland school system will never find another teacher quite like her.

I wish you all the best in your retirement. Thank you for all the help you have given me over the years.

To students, faculty and staff, I say THANK YOU!

The senior class presented me with a lovely bouquet the night of graduation.

It is with mixed feelings that I leave PHS after 40 years. There are many things I will miss and many that I won't miss. I will miss working with students and knowing that I have helped them develop life skills, and inspired some to pursue a career in one of the many facts of FACS.
I am excited that a full time replacement for me has been hired to carry on where left off.
I am looking forward to spending evenings with my husband drinking coffee and talking, without having to correct papers and make lesson plans; visiting my mother, who lives 400 miles away, whenever I want and not only during school vacations; spending more time with my beautiful daughters and granddaughters when I'm not worried about getting back to school work; being available to help whoever needs it whenever they need it; taking art workshops on school days; letting the sun melt the snow, curling up with a good book on rainy days; visiting my brothers and sisters, all eight of them and relaxing and enjoying life.


  1. Did you retire? Congratulations!


  2. After 41 years of teaching, 40 in Portland, I am now a lady of leisure.