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ART IS YOU October 2010

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

"ART IS YOU - The East Coast Art Retreat" celebrated it's 4th anniversary this year.
The philosophy of "Art Is You" is to create a moment in time where artists, whether they be faculty or students, can come together to share in their passion for creativity. To create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them.

This year's theme was "Wizard of Oz", and so we arrived to follow the yellow brick road, and were immediately caught up in the tornado that is "Art Is".


Thursday morning found me at New Britain Hospital with my husband while he underwent a successful cardio version. After he was home and settled, I joined my daughter, Marcy, in Danbury for our first day of workshops.

I had given Marcy Diana Trout's book, Journal Spilling, for Christmas so it was an easy choice for her when selecting a workshop. She took Diana Trout's "Rescue Book Journal" workshop. Marcy was excited about the workshop and was thrilled with all she learned and the results.

I decided to choose all metal workshops. After taking a couple of metal workshops at previous Art Is retreats, I thought I would like to do more. And besides, I had a bag of all these cool tools that I needed to learn more about using.
I started with Di Russel-Horne's "Patina" workshop. I didn't arrive until after lunch, and Di graciously caught me up with the group. Using household ingredients for patina we created one of a kind pieces.

Salianne came to visit our workshop and posed for photo with us.


Friday morning I was back with Di "Twisting Metal"

After workshops on Friday, we gathered for the launching of Pamela Hasting's new book,
Hot Flash. Merrilee and Marlene honored Pamela with stories as an introduction to her and her book.

Each year Art Is...You has recognized and supported a charity or group that has touched the hearts of the Art Is You Family. The proceeds from this year's annual auction was donated to this year's charity of choice, the "Little Baby Face Foundation"

Salianne announced that in 2011 Art Is You has chosen to support Marlene Haveron and her
BEElieve ~ hONeY cOmB cOTtaGe

Friends supported Marlene as the announcement is made.

Salianne and ellen, co founders of "Art Is You" presented Marlene with a "Cottage Collage".

I had been commuting to Danbury each day, and my daughters thought it would be nice to spend at least one night in the hotel together. They both planned to be at the retreat on Saturday, so we reserved a room for Friday night. They planned to leave after work and with traffic taken into consideration would join me around 7 and we would hang out for the evening.
Their one hour trip turned into four hours, and because of an incident on I84, they didn't arrive at the hotel until 10, a little frazzled, but still excited to be there.

While waiting for the girls to arrive, I joined the Michael Albert workshop where he shared his story and his art, and then lead us in a collage workshop using our imaginations and cereal boxes.

Michael showed us his first collage.

$drews collage.

My collage.
Can you tell I was getting tired or as Christy said, lazy.
But if I was lazy, it would have been because I was tired.
I think it needs more brown.


Mrs. Pom lead the group in morning journaling.

My workshop on Saturday was "Souvenirs de ma Vie" with Kecia Deveney.
We learned soldering techniques to create a unique, personal necklace.

Kecia demonstrated the proper way to solder.

I used photos of my granddaughter and her art work to create my
"Souvenir de ma Vie".

Christy spent Saturday with Colleen Atheens in her "The Lullaby League-Creating The Doll" workshop.

This was Christy's first attempt at doll making.
Christy worked on sculpting her doll's head with paper clay.

Colleen assisted those in her workshop.
Christy was happy to show her accomplishment.

On Sunday the dolls have been assembled, the faces painted, sealed, and they are hanging to dry.

Almost done!

Saturday evening was Art Trunk (vendor's night), and the Annual Auction to benefit the "Little Baby Face Foundation". Michael Albert worked on his donation to the auction during his Friday evening workshop using a list of words related to the cause and created by those in the workshop.


The early birds got the antique tools, sewing baskets, wicker baskets, and many other treasures when they traveled a few miles to the Elephant Trunk, a local flea market. I instead decided to sleep in.

I chose to spend the next 3 days with Keith Lobue. I was in his "Chain Gang" workshop on Sunday learning to make links and split rings.


Monday and Tuesday were spent learning to etch on metal and use the jeweler's saw.

Keith demonstrated how to suspend your piece in the etching solution.

My first etching.

Our work table, creative chaos.

My finished piece.


Delicious lunches were served each day.

After lunch, I visited Michael DeMeng's "Angels and Demons" workshop.

Tuesday evening Keith taught a "Learning to Saw" workshop.
Keith demonstrated how to turn a corner when sawing on metal.

And then it was time to say "Good bye" until next year.

Now, I'm home, unpacking, and organizing, and anxious to continue working on my unfinished projects, and dreaming up new projects using the techniques that I learned.
Salianne and ellen have again created an atmosphere of caring and sharing. It was great to spend creative time with my daughters, both exception artists in their chosen media, greet old friends, meet new friends, and learn from the best. I had wickedly wonderful time from beginning to end.

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  1. Great photos, Mary! Sorry I missed seeing Pamela. Looks like everyone had a great time!