Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fat Belly Boy

I recently had the opportunity to spend 4 days with the wonderfully creative,
talented, and original Ankie Daanen making my own version of her "Fat Belly Boy".
Ankie traveled from Spain to Ryebrook, NY where she guided us through the steps of
sculpting, painting, and costuming our dolls.

Ankie's original Fat Belly Boy.

When we arrived at the home of our hostess, Barbi,
we were greeted with hugs, coffee in our personalized mug,
and our own work area set up and ready to go.

We started with the body of our doll.

Then came the hands.

And then the head.

After sculpting, the dolls agreed to a group photo.

Then it was time to paint the features on the face.

After painting, the head and hands lined up for a coat of varnish.

And then the fun began as each of us costumed our doll
and watched their individual personalities come alive.

Diane's Doll

Becky's Doll

Deb's Doll

Clare's Doll

Barbi's Doll

Cookie's Doll

Margot's Doll

Alina's Doll

My Doll.

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  1. All the dolls are wonderful! What a great experience you must have had!