Friday, October 19, 2012

Wee Faerie Village at Florence Griswold Museum

 A visit to the Wee Faerie Village 
at the
Florence Griswold Museum

Sakuyu, a Japanese Faerie Garden
Flightingale Infirmary
A Wonderland of Gossamer
A Fairy Meeting Place

Beech Hearth Castles

Drifter's Cove

 Viewing Mihashirano's Tea House

 Prismatic Place at the River's Edge

Shelli's Seaside Shanty

Autumnal Fortress

 Nevergreen Caverns

Marsh Light Manor at Lookout Hollow

 Looking for Faeries

Seagrass Sunset Shack

Wearing Wings

 I really don't have time to tie your shoes.
I'm looking for faeries.

Dew Drop Villas

Entertainment by Tinkerbell

The Ephemeral Shea

River Valley Farm

Hazel's Magical Faerie Tree

Barney's Benevolent Boneyard and Cemetery

Shoots and Ladders

 Fringe Faerie Dwelling

Fringe  Faerie Dwelling
Glass House

 Fringe Faerie Dwelling

Fringe Faerie Dwelling Button House

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