Sunday, May 31, 2009

39 Years

My husband and I are celebrating our 39th anniversary yesterday and today.
We were actually married on the 30th, but our marriage certificate says the 31st so we get to celebrate for two days. Since we both have everything we need, and probably most everything we want, there really is no need for elaborate gift giving. He gave me pink carnations, my favorite, and also the flower he sent me for Valentine's day when he was in Vietnam in 1970.
He is always the romantic. I'm giving him the framing of a poster (2nd from the last on this page that I got for his birthday in July. We spent yesterday being lazy around the house, drinking coffee and talking, he read magazines and fishing catalogs, I covered a shoe box with handmade purple paper (this box will hold my supplies when I go to a 4 day art retreat ( ) in October and then will become a fairy box for my granddaughter). After going to see our ex step granddaughter before she went to the prom, and taking my husband's handicapped brother home from work, we went to the Firehouse Steakhouse ( ) for dinner. Not because my husband was a firefighter for 25 years, but because they have great food, and the best Ruben I have ever eaten, and I have eaten plenty. We are very fortunate, both in our marriage and our lives and looking forward to the 40th.

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  1. We are so sorry we missed your anniversary. Your gift is on it's way. It will be worth the wait.