Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steampunk Bizarre

What is Steampunk?
I had heard the term steampunk, but wasn't quite sure what is was.
According to an article in the Middletown Press, May 22, Joey Marsocci says,
"it is science meets Victorian, late 1800s meets technology."
Noel Coonce-Ewing says, "it's about taking technology and applying it to another time.
What is Steampunk Bizarre?
It was the same article that lead me to Steampunk Bizarre, An Art Show of Ingenious Gadgets and Curiosities. It featured work by two independent artists, Noel Coonce-Ewing and Silas Finch, as well as the work of Joey Marsocci's team at Steam Gear Labs, a prop and film production studio which has recently moved from California to Connecticut.
California's loss is certainly Middletown's gain.
I had the pleasure of meeting Joey, his wife Allison, and Noel this morning at the exhibit's last day. They were all very personable, sharing their stories and their art. Photography was permitted and Joey gave me permission to post my photos on my blog. So I am doing so hoping that it will entice you to visit his blog where the photography is much better than mine and the stories behind the artwork are revealed. It's worth a visit.
For information about the gallery visit

Sculpture by Silas Finch

Parachute Dress

Night Light by Noel Coonce-Ewing

Eye Pod Victrola by Joey Marsocci

Assemblage by Noel Coonce-Ewing

Assemblage by Nicole Coonce-Ewing

Clock which instead of telling time, tells what everyone in the famly is doing.

Joey Marsocci

Amelia Earhart's Navigation System

Joey Marsocci


  1. cool! let me know when things like this are around...i would love to go...

  2. Hey, I just stumbled across this post. thanks for spreading the word! I am actually pard af a huge Steampunk Exhibit at the Oxford Museum of the history of Science, and also have another show at the MAC 650 that is open it's final days next weekend, so stop by if you can, 11-3 0n Sat and 10 - 12 Sunday.

    Also just 1 correction, that large Gun on the pillar was one of my sculptures. The Dress is Silas's.

    And I will be having a second Steampunk Show in Hartford this July. I'll keep you posted. Stop by my blog for more info.