Friday, June 19, 2009


School's out for summer,
So many things to get done,
but not enough time.

Yesterday was our last day of school. The last month has been more than a little hectic.
But field trips, assemblies, awards, exams, cleaning, and finally graduation are behind me and summer lies ahead. There will be a week at Johnson and Wales University in RI for an educator forum, a week in Pennsylvania to visit family and attend a wedding, and week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with daughters, son in law, and granddaughter. And when I'm not away I will be spending two days a week with our beautiful, energetic, and amazing granddaughter. I will be able to spend quality time with my husband, and not be to busy or too tired to carry on a conversation. In between I hope to complete a few projects that have been awaiting my attention. And before I know it August 26th will be here and I will be back at school starting my 41st of year of teaching. I still enjoy teaching, and feel that I do make a difference in the lives in of my students. They tell me that they will now be able to feed themselves, and that they will think very carefully about becoming a parent in the future.

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