Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Trip to Northhampton * Ana Brahms Window Display

Dolls by Ana Brahms
Window display at the Don Muller Gallery in Northampton, MA.

When my daughter asked if I wanted to go Webs, the yarn shop in Northampton,
I knew that we would have make a stop to see the window display at the Don Muller Gallery.
This year's display was the "Story of Cinderella".

Ana Brahms began making dolls from Fimo in 1978 when Fimo was new to the market.
Her dolls have been exhibited world wide.
She lives in Massachusetts and this is the third year that her dolls have been displayed in the window of the Don Muller Gallery at Christmas time. Her dolls are are between 12 and 35 inches tall. Their bodies are made of cotton on a metal armature. The heads and limbs are formed of clay, fimo, prosculpt, paper-mache',wood and plaster and painted with acrylic paint. The hair is goat's hair or silk threads and the eyes are glass. Her work is just amazing.

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  1. Darn! Went to Northampton 3 times recently and forgot to look at Brahm's dolls! She is quite a famous doll maker and lives not very far away from Northampton. Your photos are excellent!