Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dutch Touch Doll Class

The Dutch Touch

My Dutch Touch dolls, Champagne on the left and Celeste on the right.

Champagne created in 2011 and Celeste in 2008.



The Dutch Touch
Ankie Daanen
Marlaine Verhelst

I was again fortunate to be able to spend 5 days with Marlaine and Ankie in their Dutch Touch class hosted by Barbi in Ryebrook, NY. The last time was in 2008. Barbi and her husband are the ultimate hosts making us feel comfortable and accommodating our needs. And, Ankie and Marlaine are extraordinary teachers. The twelve of us in the class were assured success as we started out on what was a new adventure for some and not so new for others, but still an adventure, and we weren't disappointed. Marlaine and Ankie definitely have the Dutch Touch and "subtle" was the word of the week. Our first 3 days were spent sculpting and painting with Marlaine while Ankie, with input from each of us, was working on designing and partially assembling the costumes for our dolls. Our last two days were spent assembling and costuming our doll. It was a truly a delightful 5 days with outstanding results for everyone.

Sculpting The Head
We started with sculpting the head. Mine required some further adjustments to the chin.

Marlaine demonstrates making the doll's hand.

The beginning of our costumes.

Unpainted faces.
We all started with the same styrofoam egg and the same instructions
and the results were amazingly different.

Painted faces.
As we painted our faces, our dolls began to come alive.

Without knitting needles at hand,
Becky knit a hat for her doll with paint brushes.

The class busily works away in Barbi's studio.

Ankie helps with my costume.

Our last day was Saturday and the dolls were ready to be photographed.

Close up of Barbi's doll.

Barbi's Doll

Becky's Doll

Ceceily's Doll

Celia's Doll

Elisabeth's Doll

Ellen's Doll

Irene's Doll

Joclyn's Doll

Margot's Doll

Mary's Doll

Raye's Doll

Sandra's Doll

Marlaine smiles for the camera while the dolls pose on the sofa.

Ankie and Marlaine always have a little ceremony at the end of the class
to pass out certificates. They finished with their own surprise Dutch Touch.

While we were indoors celebrating and admiring our creations,
mother nature was outdoors playing tricks on us.
And a Noreaster greeted me for my drive home
turning a 70 mile ride into a 4 1/2 hour nightmare.


  1. great post! love all the dolls; what a wonderful class!

  2. I love, love your dolls! what a great few days you had. Thank you for sharing with us.!