Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pulled Art

I didn't know there was a name for this type of art, but I
probably should have. I loved doing this and loved the results.
What is pulled art? I couldn't find a definition for it, but to
my mind it is pulling an image from a background. It's a bit
like cloud gazing.

I did this one before I knew what it was it called,
and was excited to see a face in my background.

I did this one as this weeks lesson taught by Mystele in my Life Book class.
As I was finishing up the background, I thought I'm not going
to see anything in this one. I walked away for a while and when I
came back, there she was. I really enjoyed the process and am anxious to do another.


  1. Truly insightful, wonderful art!

  2. My goodness, Mary, these are just wonderful. Looks like both Cammie and Grammie are HUGE art successes. I love it. This would be so much fun to do at retreat! Love, Mer