Sunday, March 1, 2009

Myself As A Dollmaker

I belong to a small local group of dollmakers called the Fabric Manglers. At at our last meeting one of our members challenged us to collage a card illustrating how we see ourselves as dollmakers. Below are my results. The writing includes disinherited, selfish, bad tempered, and unreasonable printed on the front of the woman, collaged on is many faces, the unveiling of the unexpected, secrets and surprises, she has the gift, and fulfillment, the definition of passion, and imagine written in wire. The word artist was put on with stickers, and other elements include a piece of dichroic glass, a bug, silk cacoon unraveled, beaded fringe, a face made with precious metal clay, and a clock button. I plan to add wings to the clock.

Since I have shared how I see myself as a dollmaker, I thought I should include photos of a few dolls that I have made. I will post more doll photos with time.

This is a doll made for a fabric challenge from a Sara Austin pattern.
The challenge fabric is her outfit. She is painted with acrylics.
"Fish and Chicks" is an original soft sculpture done for a "WOW" challenge of the same name.
"You can bring home the chicken fry it up in a pan. "

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