Monday, April 13, 2009

Jazz Brunch No More

A couple of years ago, our family decided to start a new Easter Sunday tradition and enjoy a Gospel Brunch at Black-Eyed Sally's, a barbecue and blues restaurant in Hartford. Our previous experiences had us looking forward to another Easter Brunch. This year the restaurant decided that a jazz brunch would draw a larger crowd (understandable with the economic condition), and so changed from Johnny Rawls's blues and gospel music to a jazz band. Not being jazz fans, we decided that we would keep with our new tradition and still go for brunch. We were very disappointed in the entire experience. The food was not up the the excellent standard we have come to expect, the music was too loud, and not to our liking (I realize this is a personal opinion), the crowd was aloof and uptight. Our granddaughter was the only one grooving to the beat. We actually had a woman yell at us in the bathroom because my daughter chose to wash our granddaughter's hands after she touched the floor, before removing unused toilet tissue from the toilet seat, after we politely explained the circumstances of the situation. And I was a little miffed when the band's guest star, who sang the first vocal, started with "When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall", considering that it is Spring and it was Easter Sunday. Oh well, our family, my husband, our two daughters, son in law and granddaughter, were together and enjoyed the morning in spite of the disappointment. And this will not keep us from going to Sally's for dinner and blues as we often do.

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