Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Shoebox

Shoebox Recycled
This project came to mind when my husband got a new pair of shoes and I saw this large box sitting on the bedroom floor. Not being one to throw anything away, I thought what a wonderful container for "stuff'. The box remained on the floor as I mulled over the possibilities. Then came the April "Art Is" group challenge (The word April is from the Latin word aperire which means to open. What will you open? Will you open your mind to endless possibilities of a new technique? Are you open to trying a new way of creating? Perhaps non dominant hand really need to be open to this as it can be quite uncomfy at first.) and I thought this will work, I will use the box to collect my supplies for the classes I will be taking at "Art Is" in October. I will be opening the box many times as I add items in anticipation of all the new creative opportunities that I am looking forward to, and I am opening my mind to many new techniques as I attend my selected classes at the retreat. My plan is to collage the box using an Alice in Wonderland theme, the theme of the retreat. This opens many possibilities as I decide how to proceed with the collage. Upon picking up the box, I discovered that it was rather flimsy, and not as Strong as it appeared. So my first consideration as I approach the collage is how to strengthen the box. I have started by painting the box with gesso, and the rest of my options are wide "open". But, I only have until the 30th, I certainly don't want to be late for this very important date.

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