Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Visit From Fiona

Last June, I joined a travel doll group on Doll Street. It was hosted by Angela Jarecki
and she divided the participants into small groups. Some of the dolls traveled across the country,
and some went around the world. My doll arrived home yesterday along with Fiona who is on the last leg of her travels. She will be returned to her owner Patti Madaris Culea after she spends some time with me. When each doll visited, we took photos of them as they shared adventures with us. We sent along momentos of their visit when we sent them on their way. Fiona started her visit with a welcome from Blues Santa, who is still sitting on table, and bursts into a song on his harmonica whenever the spirt moves him or when someone pushes his button. Today she went with me while I supervised Saturday detention at PHS. She got to visit with dolls made by me and friends on display in our library showcase. She even sat next to a "Friend in Need of Finishing" that I started in a class with Patti last Spring. The afternoon was spent creating "Business Card Art" with my daughters and granddaughter. We are now enjoying an evening of "Moody Blues" on CPTV.

Welcome Fiona!
Art Dolls on Display

Fiona is sitting on the first shelf on the right.

Fiona visiting with a "Friend in Need of Finishing"
Keeping Mary company while she supervises Saturday deteniton

Creating business card art.

Time for a nap.

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