Monday, November 2, 2009


Art is you beckons
Artists gather to create
Beginning the day
Journaling in the garden
An adventure awaits all

Art Is You, the East Coast Art Retreat, was a wonderful adventure which started with anticipation in March when I selected my workshops and culminated with a week end in October filled with friendship, inspiration, and learning. My daughters joined me for parts of the week end making the experience even more special. We started by attending a showing of the film,
"Who Does She Think She Is?"on Friday evening followed by shopping with the vendors. The days conisted of journaling in the morning, an all day workshop, including a delicious lunch, and an evening workshop. The morning journaling workshops were conducted by Loretta Marval. I took workshops with Janette Schuster, Taryn Reece, Kecia Devaney, and Keith LoBue. Working with metal was realitively new to me and I enjoyed every minute with Janette and Keith. I learned new collage techniques with Kecia, and made charms with Taryn.

Flamingos Abound

Nichos in Progress

From Janette Schuster's Posperity Nichos workshop

Working on Nichos

Marcy and Christy getting ready to work in Kecia Deveny's Layers of Clarity workshop.

Layers of Clarity Projects

In Keith Lobue's Paper Over workshop we learned many techniques.

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