Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Sky

The Princess directed Grammy in mixing paint to create
colors, and placement of the colors.
Can you guess who painted which one, top -bottom?
Leave a comment with your guess.
I will post the correct answer next week end.
I will have the princess do a drawing from all of the correct
answers and send a prize to the winner.


  1. I say bottom one is Cami's. Can't wait to find out if I am right! You are both Fantabulous!!!!

  2. I tried very hard to be a good student and to take suggestions when offered by the expert.

  3. Cami's is you know how hard this was?
    VERY...because they are both good and so similar. It seems grammy and Cami have much in common to share and what joy in the sharing time. This is fun! Aunt vickie

  4. Mary, I think you painted the one on top. I like them both, though I think the bottom one has more energy and movement.

    These should be signed, dated, and hanging side by side. A wonderful family heirloom!

  5. As I said on the other are top. Cami is bottom. It was indeed very hard to determine...but, I believe I got it. You both did a great job and I'll bet Cami was soooo proud of you.