Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sketchbook Project

Be part of art. Join the sketchbook project.
I plan on participating in this very cool event.
Here is the gist... you purchase a sketchbook on this site. It costs $25 and will be sent to you. You choose a theme or let them choose one for you. You fill up the book however you would like... draw, paint, collage, whatever! Then you send it back to them postmarked by January 15th 2011. Sketchbooks are included in an exhibit that travels around the country! People go to the exhibit and are able to "check out" your sketchbook in order to view your work. You can also pay extra to have your book digitized so that you can view it later as it will be archived. Books are not returned to you. They become part of the permanent collect at the Brooklyn Art Library! Your book is barcoded so you can track it along its entire journey and see where it is and how often it is viewed. Anyone want to join me? For more information click here or on the logo to link to "The Sketchbook Project".

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