Thursday, July 22, 2010

Digital Montage

I am taking a Digital Montage class on line. Below are the results of my efforts.

Grandma Hill's Recipe is a story assignment.
This was to practice what we learned in lesson one.

Our first lesson and theme was Widow's Walk.
I'm not really excited with the results I achieved, but the process was
a great learning experience.


  1. You have really done a wonderful job in making your Story Telling montages! I love the dream state of the Widow's Walk and the fabulous family photos you shared with your Day 3 assignment. How lucky you are to have such family photos and hand-written recipe cards! I would want to create a display and put them behind glass to cherish forever. Thank you for joining our digital workshop!

  2. Thank you for your comments. The recipe is framed and hanging in the kitchen. The photos will be soon to follow.

  3. Mary, I love your story about your Grandma's recipe. You should frame this piece to add to the others.

  4. This sounds like a fun and creative class. You are getting some wonderful effects here. Do you have a link to where the Digital Montage class is being offered? My sister might be interested.

  5. Thanks for looking Mary. The class was offered by the Yahoo Group, The Latest Trends in Mixed Media.

  6. Mary, these are sooooo nice !!! I love me.
    What is the site for the class? I hate you.