Sunday, February 20, 2011

Challenge Doll

These are the items that were in the challenge kit.
The main focus of the challenge was the pyramid shaped tea box.
We had to use a little of each of the additional items and they had to be visible.
We could add whatever we wanted. There were no other restrictions.

I started by painting the wooden bead and spool to match the box
and adding some paint to the box as well.

Next I strung the bead, spool, bells, and other doo dads to the box.

I had additional tea boxes which I cut up and arranged as a fan.
I used a stuffed base for the head and shoulders, complements of
Pamela Hastings a few years ago.

I sewed on a face from a piece of sun and moon fabric and beaded around it.
A braided the yarn and sewed it to the head,
and attached a halo of the gold fabric.
I backed with fan with a piece of green paper.

I glued triangles of the suede onto the ends of the box,
and used it to make a triangle shaped body which
I attached to the head and shoulders.
I added the ribbon around the waist.
I added the beaded heart trim at the neckline.
I shaped a hanger from the large wire and
wrapped it with the smaller wire and attached a bell at the top.
I added gold foil to the fan.

Everything was assembled with wool roving tucked in around the top of the box.
The large green bead was sewn to the back and the purple seed
was attached to the front of the box with beading around it.

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