Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Year For The Record Books

This winter has been one like no other. We have now had a total of 82.6 inches of snow this season and have the record for the 4th snowiest season on record which dates back 106 years. This past year was the warmest on record with 34 days above 90 degrees. The average temperature for the year was 52.9 degrees which is 2.5 degrees above normal. July 6th tied a record at 102 degrees.

I have recorded some of our winter in photographs which are included in subsequent posts.
We started the season with the blizzard of 2010 on December 26, also known as storm Adrianne.
It was followed by an unnamed storm on January 7; storm Benedict on January 12 which brought 24 " of snow, an all time record and the greatest amount recorded in a 24 hour period; storm Clare on January 21 dropping another 6"of snow; storm Dennis on January 27; and storm Ella, a two day storm on February 1 and 2 with a combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain. There have been 300 partial and complete collapsed roofs. It is now February 12th and we have had a week without snow. The temperature is predicted to rise to 50 degrees this coming week.

It has been nerve wracking at times, and although I don't mind relocating the snow, I have resented the amount of time it has taken from other things I could be doing. But it has gotten me outdoors in the sunshine after the storms were over and given me the opportunity to walk as I transferred snow from the driveway to back yard as there was no room left in the front. I have enjoyed sitting with a hot cup of coffee and watching out the window as the snow either drifted or pelted down. The best part of this winter has been watching our granddaughter enjoy the snow and ice. We have broken up and stacked chunks of ice, slid down our piles of snow, played with the dogs, and caught snowflakes in our mouth. I wouldn't trade this winter for any other.

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