Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wellness Weekend Arrival

For the past 6 years during Mother's Day weekend, my daughters and I have participated in a Women's Wellness Weekend sponsored by a local YMCA and held at Camp Hazen in Cheshire, CT. This year we decided that we would do something different and plan our own Wellness Weekend. My daughters, MA and CL, conspired to plan our destination and managed to keep it a secret from me. With much anticipation we prepared for the weekend, gathering supplies for our projects, working on our ATCs, listening to the weather to decide on what to bring for clothing, choosing snacks and beverages and arranging little surprises for each other. Friday afternoon arrived, the car was packed, and we headed south on route 9. Our first treat was in gift bags in the cup holders in the back seat. MA, my oldest daughter, had brewed "Sumatra" ice coffee for us and presented it in Starbucks cold cups. After much joking about going camping, as we crossed the CT/RI border, it was divulged that we were going to Providence. We had reservations for two nights at the Courtyard Marriot in downtown Providence. If we didn't all have an affinity for Providence when we arrived, I believe we did when we left

CL, my youngest daughter, wrote out an itnerary for us so we would be able to accomplish our planned activities.

We arrived at our destination around 6:00 P.M. and settled into our room.
We exchanged Mother's Day gifts and the ATCs we made to commemorate the weekend.

The ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) were made by CL, left; HM, center; and MA, right.

After unpacking, it was time to scout out a place for dinner. We took a walk and after considering our options decided on "The Melting Pot", a fondue restaurant. We started with the cheddar cheese fondue made at the table with beer, garlic, cheddar and swiss cheese and served with a variety of bread andveggies, and apples. We then enjoyed a salad after which indulged in batter dipped teriaki sirloin, shrimp, and veggies. At this point, we decided that we would have to go back the next night for dessert.

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