Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wellness Weekend Featured Artist - MA

After dinner it was MA's turn to to present her workshop.
MA's featured project was "Envelope Books".
She designed a template that we used to cut our envelopes out of decorative papers.
We then folded and glued to create our envelopes. Strips of card stock was added for binding.
We created our covers and the assembled our books with metal rings.

CL is intent on getting the hole punched in "approximately" the right place.
MA is showing CL just how wide the card stock needs to be.
MA is sizing the cover to fit the pages of my book.
The inside of CL's book.
The outside of CL's book.
The outside of HM's book.
The inside of HM's book.

MA spent so much time instructing and helping CL and me that she didn't have much time to work on her own book so there are no pictures to show.

And we had reservations for dessert at the Melting Pot

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