Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wellness Weekend Featured Artist - HM

After lunch, it was my turn to be the featured artist. My project was "Spoon Poetry" as featured in an article by Kelli Perkins in the May/June 2008 issue of "Cloth, Paper Scissors". I brought a selection of silver spoons with holes drilled, old books, alcohol inks, and gel medium.

MA is deep in thought selecting the words for her spoon poem.

The "Vicor of Wakefield", a gift from her sister, was her chosen book for selecting her words. This was especially appropriate since MA is an extreme Tim Wakefield fan.

MA's poem in progress.

Our spoons were colored with alchol inks and then the words were glued on with gel medium. Both sides of the spoons were then coated with gel medium.

HM's poem in progress.

CL's poem in progress.

CL' s finished poem.MA's finished poem.
HM's finished poem.

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